I Must Repeat, You Should Retreat

When you’re feeling stressed, tired, or just like you need an escape, the first thing for many that comes to mind is a vacation. It’s an escape, a retreat to relax and unwind or maybe to step out of the comfort zone and let loose.

Have you run a bit wild and partied some? Maybe you’ve ventured out to the clothing optional beach and bared your bum. Maybe you woke up with some embarrassing tattoo you obviously got last night, if you could only remember by who and where!  For some, they’re always booking those adventure vacations.  Perhaps scuba Diving in the Bahamas, cliff diving in Mexico, or sled dog racing in Alaska. You might have broken a leg doing so, but hey, if it makes you happy. Great.

So many ideas, so little time

When a vacation is exclusively customized to your liking, it becomes just what you think you need. However, like a cranky child who begins to whine and misbehave, sometimes we don’t know what we need.  No matter how old we get, at times, we feel a bit lost. Something is missing.  Sometimes, all it takes is to be exposed to something new. To step out of the usual and give something else a try. Try another theme.                         

With that said, how many have retreated to work on their souls? Have you? Have I? To be honest, aside from my D.I.Y at home attempts, no. I’ve never had a guided retreat in a gorgeous setting with deep but relaxing workshops.  However, there’s a bucket list with my name on it and the new entry reads:

A question to ponder is whether to go alone, bring a partner, make it a mother daughter thing, or even a ladies retreat. Maybe get together with my closest girlfriends and escape the day to day routine.

My guess would be that for the first retreat, for real deep soul soothing with no distractions, going for it alone would be the ideal.  No worries whether your friend is cranky and wants to skip a class, if someone is complaining (about what I can’t imagine), or discussing all her relationship problems with you while you meditate. If you want a good friend, you have to be one.  That sometimes means you have to press the pause button and be still, alone.   

Remember, if you’re not happy, no one around you will be.  Take care of you, build your strength. It’s the only way for inner happiness for yourself, and to share with others.  Sometimes it’s not simply your words that provides comfort and guidance to your loved ones, it’s by showing them through your own examples.

I plan to set my own example.  It may take some time, but my bucket list is set in stone. I know what I want. I have my vision board made and my savings account started. In the meantime, I do my own work. A great book to start,

My own suggestion (and obviously my own personal decision) is to go for it alone. After that, share with others your experience and take them along on the next one.  Bring your son, daughter, or spouse and bond.  In order to succeed you first must try.

Sometimes just knowing what you want in a hectic busy life is an accomplishment, to follow through is the icing on the cake.  Doesn’t everyone like cake?





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