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We operate this website out of Yulee, Florida. Nine years ago, we moved to sunny Florida for a better quality of life. We wanted a life in which we could enjoy the simple things. To enjoy the sunshine and beautiful beaches and spending most of our time outdoors. Raising a child with Autism, has its rewards and challenges. I wanted a better quality of life for him too knowing he would be most dependent on us. In my later years, I have been on a spiritual journey to find my true purpose, and to establish a life of peace, simplicity, and tranquility. I lived a fast life and at a very young age, I began my life of marriage with children. I relished in being a mother and devoted myself to them. Years later, I cared for a terminally ill family member who slipped away while wishing for more time. Through that experience, and as the kids grew and left the nest, I was left with self-reflection. I reviewed my past, and faced my present. Motherhood, care-giving, what for so long defined me, was mostly gone. What is my purpose from here on? It was time to get to know myself, to believe and trust in myself, and to tap into my spiritual side. Who can I trust besides myself? Who will guide me? Who is stronger than me? I have sacrificed myself to others, now I must take care of me. Many of the products we offer are tools I have used in this spiritual journey. I also designed a business in which I can work from home. I wanted to maintain a certain quality of life for myself and my son. To be available for his needs while helping others on their own journey. Thank you for visiting, and I wish you much peace. I hope the products you find will suit your own needs and you find exactly what you’re looking for. And please take a few minutes to check out my store at

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